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GeanyLaTeX: Minor extension of documentation

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Modified: trunk/geanylatex/doc/geanylatex.tex
--- trunk/geanylatex/doc/geanylatex.tex	2009-05-22 20:03:23 UTC (rev 660)
+++ trunk/geanylatex/doc/geanylatex.tex	2009-05-22 20:03:56 UTC (rev 661)
@@ -52,6 +52,13 @@
+\dedication{\normalsize \textbf{Note:} Please note the document has been created on 
+\today. If you are using devel version from SVN, please compile and check 
+\texttt{doc/geanylatex.tex} from sources. Please check page \pageref
+{sec:compiling_of_documentation}, section \ref{sec:compiling_of_documentation}}
@@ -104,6 +111,7 @@
 all systems Geany is able to run.
+\subsection{Compiling the plugin itself}
 Compiling and installing the code is done by the following three
@@ -122,7 +130,15 @@
 authors\footnote{Contact data can be found at chapter \ref{contact},
 page \pageref{contact}.}
+\subsection{Compiling of documentation}
+Sources of this documentation are available throught 
+\texttt{doc/geanylatex.tex} inside source tree. To compile the sources 
+usage of \texttt{pdflatex} which should be delivered with your favorite 
+\LaTeX{} distribution is recommended. For compiling into HTML format 
+might use \texttt{htlatex}.

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