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Revision: 1094
Author:   frlan
Date:     2009-12-31 15:14:21 +0000 (Thu, 31 Dec 2009)

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Update documentation to state that we now need plugin API v166 for plugin

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Modified: trunk/geanylatex/doc/geanylatex.tex
--- trunk/geanylatex/doc/geanylatex.tex	2009-12-31 02:17:37 UTC (rev 1093)
+++ trunk/geanylatex/doc/geanylatex.tex	2009-12-31 15:14:21 UTC (rev 1094)
@@ -102,6 +102,7 @@
 	\item Some general bugfixes and improvments. As always, see
 		  ChangeLog or svn log.
 	\item Switch to waf for building the plugin
+	\item Increasing depency for plugin to Geany Plugin API v166
 \subsection*{GeanyLaTeX{} 0.4 -- 2009-05-26}
@@ -135,7 +136,7 @@
 you used a prepared package e.g. from your distribution you probably
 need to install an additional package, this might be called geany-dev
 or geany-devel. Please note that in order to compile and use this
-plugin, you need Geany 0.19svn or later (Geany Plugin API v159 or higher).
+plugin, you need Geany 0.19svn or later (Geany Plugin API v166 or higher).
 Furthermore you need, of course, a C compiler and python installed. The
 GNU version of the C compiler is recommended. Also there should be a

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