[Geany-i18n] "Sort by _Appearance" in Italian

Andrea Stacchiotti andreastacchiotti at xxxxx
Thu Sep 28 20:20:19 UTC 2017

Dear maintainers,

in the symbols menu, there is an entry called "Sort by _Appearance" in

The name is a bit confusing in English as well, but it's easy to tell
it's sorting in the order the symbols *appear* on the file.

The problem is that in Italian this was translated roughly as "Sort by
look", which in the context makes no sense.

So, a couple suggestions:

* Add a comment in files that ask for "Appearance" to be translated, so
that translators know it's "appearance order", not "look".
* Change the Italian translation for "Ordina per _aspetto" to "Ordina
per _posizione", which is pretty much "Sort by _position", which should
correctly convey the intent.

Thanks for your work.


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