[Geany-i18n] Wrong translation of "Dossier Parent"

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Oct 27 17:56:26 UTC 2014


Le 27/10/2014 18:46, Cyril Marion a écrit :
> Even with the latest version of Tree browser plugin installed (the one
> which comes with apt-get update) the translation stays uncorrected :
> "Dossier par_A_nt" is wrong and "Dossier par_E_nt" should be better...

This has been fixed already in June.

> Is 0.20 version of tree breowser the latest version ? On that page :
> http://plugins.geany.org/treebrowser.html
> it seems that 1.23 is the latest version (but it's may be confusing with
> Geany latest version instead ?)

It's a bit subtle here, the plugin version is 0.20, but it's part of the
Geany Plugins infrastructure which contains the translations and is at
version 1.24.  However, the translation fix only is currently in the
development version.


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