[Geany-i18n] Update of Dutch translation and some remarks

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Thu Apr 10 12:28:30 UTC 2014


Le 09/04/2014 23:08, Peter Scholtens a écrit :
> Hello Frank, others,
> I've created a pull request for the Dutch translation on github.

Thanks! :)

> While doing the translation I came across some things which wondered me.
> 1) It seems the translations of some strings are not visible (the
> original English string is actually displayed on the screen).
> As an example see in the file  ../plugins/htmlchars.c:181 the msgid
> "Greek characters". All these strings in the function
> N_("") are not translated. Is this intentional?

Thanks for spotting and reporting this, it's now fixed (no translation
changes needed).

> 2) I noticed lots of collisions of the accelerator keys in the pulldown
> menu after choosing "Edit -> Commands -> ".
> _Cut / _Copy ?
> _Delete / _Duplicate ?
> _Select line / _Select paragraph / _Send sel to term ?
> _Move lines up / _Move lines down ?

Indeed, that's not good.  We won't fix this for this release because it
would mean breaking some translations, but we definitely should fix this
for the next release.

At your translator level, you should fix this for your language.  This
won't get lost, when we change the string all you'll have to do is check
the translation and unmark it fuzzy.

> 3) To increase clarity I would suggest to use the verb "Create" instead
> of "Open" or "Start" in the following strings:
> #: ../data/geany.glade.h:226
> msgid "Open new documents from the command-line"
> My suggestion: "Create new documents from the command-line"

I'm not sure this is clearer, and I feel the one with "open" is fine
(but maybe it's because I know what it means… not sure).

> #: ../data/geany.glade.h:227
> msgid "Start a new file for each command-line filename that doesn't exist"
> My suggestion: "Create a new file for each command-line filename that
> doesn't exist"

Yeah, here yours is definitely better.

> 4) In the filebrowser two options to open a file are given. Wouldn't it
> be more clear to have two options "Open in Geany" or "Open with
> alternative browser" ?

Sounds like a good idea, at least adding "in Geany" to the first one.
But I mist say that the current wording "Open Externally" was a bit
tricky for me to translate in French.  Although I think in English it
makes some kind sense, I had to reword it heavily in French (basically,
to "Open in an external application"), which doesn't sound perfect
maybe, but seems clearer.


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