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Jože Klepec joze.klepec at xxxxx
Tue May 7 21:52:41 UTC 2013


I think this is common practice among  Gnome translators. I don't wan't
to insult anyone, but that's exactly what happened some years ago on
Lugos-slo list. We got a new apprentice (and was from Gnome team, of
course!). But what is the story? Gnome Slovenian translations were for
years unreadable for KDE (and most of other users, too). Why? Peaople
used dialect and jargon. So, setting standards _is very crucial_ for
both parties, I must admit. That's may point of view.

How do we translate Geany?

 1. Use multiple translation source (Several lexicons, dictionaries
digital and and printed). More = better. Use crosstranslation if you
know what this is (brief explain: A-->A-->A or A-->A-->A' ; A'=homonyme
or sinonyme of A, maybe either or both).
 2. Never translate too big piece of text at once.
 3. Review twice.
 4. If not sure, review again.
 5. If still dizzy, retranslate again. I O.K., goto point 5.
 6. Take rest.
 7. Reread and clean.
 8. jump to point two if not satisfied.
 9. Send to Frank if O.K.
10. Wait for angry reply from users. :)

Wellcome to Hell!

Cheers, Jože

Dne 06. 05. 2013 15:17, piše Lucas Vieites:
>   Hi Adolfo,
>   I'm the current translator for Geany and Geany-plugins.
>   I'll review your suggestions as soon as I get a little time and get
> back to you for discussion (if needed, of course).
>   Welcome to the team.
>   Regards,
> --
> Lucas Vieites
> lucasvieites at gmail.com <mailto:lucasvieites at gmail.com>
> http://blog.codexion.com
> http://www.linkedin.com/in/lucasvieites
> On 6 May 2013 10:30, Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <fitoschido at ubuntu.com
> <mailto:fitoschido at ubuntu.com>> wrote:
>     Hi everyone! As this is my first posting to this list, I must
>     introduce myself: I am Adolfo, a translator who works in Ubuntu,
>     LibreOffice, Xfce and Fedora.
>     I’ve noticed a few typos and style inconsistencies in the Spanish
>     translation, and I’ve taken the time to update it.
>     While I was there, I’ve also changed some terminology so the
>     translation gets more consistent with other applications. I hope I’m
>     not doing anything controversial, but in any case the other Spanish
>     translators are welcome to discuss the changes with me. =)
>     I plan to keep updating the translation in case nobody else has time.
>     Have a great day!
>     --
>     Adolfo
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