[Geany-i18n] Japanese "untitled" → "新規ファイル"

顔無し gradymartin at xxxxx
Sun Mar 24 22:24:53 UTC 2013

Hello.  I hope I've reached the proper channels.

The current Japanese translation has no entry for "untitled" (ala Ctrl
+ N), leaving it as is.  "新規ファイル" translates directly as "new file"
but is standard in the Ctrl + N context.

Provided the value for "untitled" doesn't appear in other contexts
which would be misleading (in other words, actual dependence upon the
literal meaning of "having no name"), I propose changing the value for
"untitled" to the more user-friendly "新規ファイル."  I highly doubt any
Japanese-speaking users have encountered any confusion over
"untitled," but still--it feels good to uphold standards.

If, however, a literal meaning of "new file" would conflict with other
uses of the untitled entry, I suggest "編集中ファイル," literally "file being
operated upon."

Another possible translation, "未タイトル ("not yet titled")," does match
the literal meaning of "untitled" nicely--but it sounds kind of weird.

Were I the dictator of Geany translations, I'd just go with "新規ファイル"
and call it a day.  You'll find the entry at line number 3,115 in file

Thanks for your time, and thanks for translating Geany.  As a very
satisfied user, I feel that everyone's doing a wonderful job.

Grady Martin

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