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Jean-Philippe Moal skateinmars at xxxxx
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Those 3 strings "Parts", "Assembly" and "Steps" are referring to the Abaqus
"Assembly" in this case do not refer to ASM but to a specific Abaqus term (a
group of Parts, I think).

When updating the French translation I searched the Internet for a correct
translation for these Abaqus terms but it looks like French users do not
translate them, so I kept them as is.

Le 04/03/2013 12:01, Joz(e Klepec a écrit :
> Hello!
> Well, I prefer to ask rather to make a stupid translation.
> I found out that no one from Europe has translated parts, assembly & steps
> except Estonians, Japanese & Spanish (Lucas, of course - I'm lucky to
> understand some Spanish). The French translator just copied the strings (as I
> normally do during work to remember the bad ones), other have emptystrings.
> This is quickly checkable by using nano in terminal. Inside it you press ^W
> and search for the string, it's the quickest way at all.
> As mentioned before, I understand some Spanish (thanks to Verano Azul TV
> supercult series*&  some books I've read). So, not to go to far OT, let's
> purify the following:
> 1. What are "Parts" (#4501 in my case)? If I follow Lucas, thiswould be "Deli"
> or "Delci" (small parts, I am aware of KDE component KParts, so this would be
> something like it). This item probably needs singular/plural. "Delci" is the
> one Ichoose due to misunderstanding in the first string ("Deli" means also
> divide or split in Slovenian, obeying sense).
> 2. Assembly I know very well (I programmed in it several years), but some
> people probably don't. This is almost the lowest programming level tool, if we
> don't like hex editors more (I used them too, if I had too). This would
> translate to "Zbirnik".
> 3. "Steps" are also bothering a lot of people.  I thing this is as in use of
> step by step debugging, execution. I translated it "Koraki" for this meaning.
> Another option is "Prehodi" if this is meant for passes of
> compiler/preprocessor. This item probably needs singular/plural.

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