[Geany-i18n] String freeze for Geany-Plugins 1.23

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Fri Mar 1 18:26:56 UTC 2013

Am 28.02.2013 17:08, schrieb Frank Lanitz:
> Am 26.02.2013 12:11, schrieb Lucas Vieites:
>>   Hi,
>>   yeah, I missed a few accelerators there.
>>   Can you confirm that this is a typo? (the = sign in front of "library"):
>> #: ../scope/data/scope.glade.h:43
>> msgid "Show =li_brary messages"
>> msgstr "Mostrar mensajes de bib_lioteca"
> It most liekly looks like. Will fix it upstream.


>>   Also, one of the missing "_" is from the string "translator_credits",
>> I don't think that has to be translated.
> Will have a look onto it. Currently not able to answer the question.

Well.... I agree. It doesn't look much like it would really make sense
to be translated.


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