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  if I recall correctly there's a way to ban a domain name from posting to
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> Countries of interest: UK, Rep. of Ireland, Germany, Austria, Sweden
> A company concerning itself with the advertising, spearheading, and
> production of web media projects,
> we also are involved with today's green technology, recyclable items,
> and alternate methods of power and are actively seeking a motivated
> representative from one of the countries mentioned.
> Requirements:
> - You need to be the proprietor of a company or willing to start a fresh
> company fairly fast.
> - It is required that you are a citizen of a listed country.
> - It is also necessary to hold a completion certificate from a reputable
> school of higher education.
> - Your English accuracy must be pretty good as communicating back and
> forth for this position is important.
> - A long period of good standing with a nearby or international financial
> entity is a definite bonus.
> - Work amount will consist of 3-4 hours every day for the first two months
> of working and after that period of time, 2-3 hours every day.
> - Contract of work between us will be one year, with a good chance of this
> period extending on as long as 2 years.
> Your main job will detail handling receivables from sales.
> Amount of pay you will receive is a percentage of the amount of product we
> sell.
> Our contacts: Tommie at ukconsultantsnet.com
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