[Geany-i18n] [Geany] ANN: Geany 1.22 is out!

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Mon Jun 18 21:56:31 UTC 2012

On 18/06/12 17:53, Colomban Wendling wrote:
> We are happy to announce a new release of Geany!
> For a comprehensive list of changes please see:
> http://www.geany.org/Documentation/ReleaseNotes
> Some highlights:
>  * Rewrite and improve theming support.
>  * Update Scintilla to 2.29.
>  * Full PCRE regular expression support for search and replace.
>  * Add filetype Objective-C (Elias Pschernig).
>  * Always load the default session if configured to do so.
>  * Fix detection of raw strings in C and C++.
>  * Improve support for HTML embedded filetypes.
>  * Add translations: ar, id, lt, mn, nn, sk.
>  * Update translations: de, es, fr, hu, it, ja, kk, lt, nl, pl, pt,
> pt_BR, sk, sl, sv, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW.
> We want to thank all developers, translators and everyone who
> contributed to this release with patches, feedback, bug reports and so
> on.  Thank you!
> As usual, all downloads can be found on http://download.geany.org/.

And now also the Windows installers (with and without bundled GTK
runtime) are available.

On http://www.geany.org/Download/Releases and http://download.geany.org/.

Happy Patch Day,

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