[Geany-i18n] String freeze for Geany 1.22

Jean-Philippe Moal skateinmars at xxxxx
Sat Jun 9 18:05:11 UTC 2012


>> - There is a "Goto Field" string in src/toolbar.c:390 that may be
>> incorrect. The string, present in the Customize Toolbar menu,
>> designates the toolbar action for jumping to a line by entering its
>> number. This action is called "Go to Line" everywhere else, so I
>> think this text should be changed to "Go to Line" to match the other
>> strings.
> Well, I don't a need to change this in prior of release. Maybe caused
> by the fact that I don't see a need to change at all at this point. But
> I'm really without any big emotions here. Both strings suit in my
> opinion. 
I agree this is a bit late to change this. Given the context the current string
should be understandable by everyone.
>> - In src/highlighting.c (lines 1343/1344), I'm not sure I fully
>> understand the meaning of the warning message.
>> Is this warning displayed when the user selected the filetype
>> manually from the menu instead of letting Geany detect it
>> automatically ?
> No. This should be part of the new highlighting color code and have
> been introduced by Nick only a couple of days ago. The commit message
> was this: 
>>     Warn user if current filetype might not support color schemes
>>     If the 'default' style isn't set to a named style, then probably
>>     the filetype styles have been overridden with manual colors and
>>     may not work properly with color schemes.
I get it now, thanks.
>> Thanks for this new release and congratulations on the switch to git
>> and github. I'll try to submit a pull request this time instead of
>> sending the full fr.po to the ML. Hopefully I'll do it right :)
> I'm looking forward to it ;)
Here it is :

Looks like it worked :)


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