[Geany-i18n] ANN: Geany 0.21 released!

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sun Oct 2 15:24:46 UTC 2011

We are happy to announce a brand new release of Geany!

For a comprehensive list of changes please see:

Some of the highlights:

 * Add support for real-time symbol parsing.
 * Fix loading of non-UTF-8 templates.
 * Update Scintilla to version 2.25.
 * Add Scala custom filetype (werg).
 * Add Cython custom filetype (Matthew Brush).
 * Add support for separate single and multiline comments.
 * Add support for filetype-specific indentation settings.
 * Add filetype Cobol (Seth Keiper).
 * SplitWindow plugin now works on Windows too.
 * Add translations: fa.
 * Update translations: ca, cs, de, en_GB, es, fi, fr, gl, it, ja, nl,
pt, pt_BR, sl, sv, tr, vi, zh_CN, zh_TW.

We want to thank all translators and everyone who contributed to this
release with patches, feedback, bug reports and so on. Thank you!

Source tarballs as well as Windows binaries can be found on

- Colomban

Project Maintainer Changed

You might have noticed it already, Geany's project maintainer has
changed. I resigned as I don't have as many spare time as I want to do
the job as good as it needs to be done. So someone else has a chance to
do the job better and with more love and free time.
Luckily, Colomban volunteered for the job and we were happy to have a
new, cool project maintainer.
Things won't change much, Nick is still actively developing as well and
probably I'll commit the one or other bit from time to time. The most
obvious recent change is, that this release is already made by
Colomban. Thank you!

- Enrico

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