[Geany-i18n] Portuguese translation update for GeanyPlugins

André Glória gloria.andre at xxxxx
Sun Jan 2 12:05:39 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I'm attaching the translation file, very up to date, since I check it before
sending this email ;).

When translating I found 3 typos, that I transcribe here:

   1. "A little plugin to send the *currentfile* as attachment by user's
   favorite mailer" found in geanysendmail.c:44
   2. "Capitalize *sentense* on typing" found in geanylatex.c:290
   3. "Bi*B*TeX reference name:" found in geanylatex.c:1244 <-- This one I
   signalled because all the other occurrences of the word BibTeX are written
   with only the first B in upper case.

Hope to be in time for the next release...

Kind regards,
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