[Geany-i18n] Fwd: Problems running a custom build command

Lucas Vieites lucasvieites at xxxxx
Mon Dec 5 10:29:22 UTC 2011

  I'm posting this to the "i18n" list because it just bounced off of the
"devel" list (I just remembered I insubscribed some time ago), also because
I know you devs are around here too ;-)

  I'm running Geany 0.21 on Windows Vista and I've configured the following
build command for html files:
  C:\software\tidy.exe -i %d\%f

  (tidy.exe is a Windows version of the Linux "tidy" command that cleans up
and validates html files)

  This command works perfectly in a command line window and I can even
redirect the output to another file (for example: C:\software\tidy.exe -i
c:\tmp\mytestfile.html > c:\tmp\tidyfile.html)

  But when I run it from inside Geany, as a custom build command, it only
works with small files, crashing always when the output in the compiler
window reaches 4069 bytes (4KB). Is this a known "bug" or is this a
"feature". Is there any workaround?

  Also, when I use the ">" character to redirect the output to a new file,
Geany complains that it cannot find a file named ">".

  For more information, this works perfectly on my linux box.

  Thanks in advance,
Lucas Vieites
lucasvieites at gmail.com
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