[Geany-i18n] Portuguese Translations Updates for Geany and GeanyPlugins

André Glória gloria.andre at xxxxx
Mon May 31 17:03:30 UTC 2010

1) Attached new Portuguese translation for Geany.

> "Architectures" is used in the Symbol list sidebar as kind of symbols
> for the VHDL filetype. I'm not sure either what exactly this means as I
> don't know VHDL but I guess in the context of VHDL it means something
> similar to hardware platforms.
> Thanks Enrico. I have some VHDL knowledge so I understand it now and
updated the translation.
Sorry for sending two Geany Portuguese updates in a row, but this is 100%
translated now.

> > I didn't have the problem stated by Xhacker Liu the Simplified Chinese
> > translator, but in the Build menu the following 3 sentences to not get
> > translated:
> > *Make Custom _Target referenced in build.c:2458, 2634, 2689
> > Make _Object referenced in build.c:2460, 2635, 2697
> > _Make referenced in build.c:2462, 2633
> It's the same as Liu's thread: these are user-configurable strings and
> so translating them isn't necessary/the translation isn't used. Maybe
> we shouldn't mark the default strings as translatable at all.
Ok, I thought this was different from Liu's problem...
However, even if their user-configurable why shouldn't its default value be
There are people out there that will surely be using the menu with its
default values, if it fits their needs...

2) Also attached is the Portuguese translation for Geany Plugins.

Kind Regards,
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