[Geany-i18n] Geany-i18n Digest, Vol 27, Issue 23

André Glória gloria.andre at xxxxx
Mon Jun 21 12:39:42 UTC 2010

> I'm very happy that someone else started translating this awkward text
> file.

Lol, i've read a little about reStructuredText from some quick tutorial I
found on the web and found it, not that hard to understand. For now, only
the underlines are a little boring to get right...

As the matter of fact, I stopped working on this file for now (since
> Thunderbird 3.0.5 project was finally done with my friends as the date, if
> you look for one).
> I even threw away all my work - as I thought it's worthless. Finally, I
> think that everyone should take into account that we have on Earth around
> 6700 natural languages (not to count esperanto and all alike).

You're quitting? :(  Why? I can see the effort required for this but don't
believe it to be meaningless.

So, we need to agree that essential part or survival guide in help must be
> left UNTRANSLATED (=in English?). Behind that Survival part/Quick guide
> (containing quick and very brief guide around menus, plugins and so forth),
> the it comes all about in your mothers, fathers or another spoken/written
> language.
> That's what I think about the help and what it should be like.  :)

I disagree.
It's obvious that the documentation (and even Geany itself) will hardly be
translated to the 6700 existing languages you refer.
But that argument is also valid to Geany's interface...yet there are
translations for it.
IMHO, if a user sees that Geany is available in Portuguese (has an example)
and he wants to use it in Portuguese, I doubt he will like to click a menu
and start seeing things in English.
He may not even know any english...So having the interface and documentation
in Portuguese will help a lot.
That said, I can't see why is there a need to not translate something...

Out of curiosity is it hard to make F1 point to the correct help file
according to Geany's localization?  (From a developer point of view)

Kind Regards,
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