[Geany-i18n] Help on help (geany.txt) translation :)

André Glória gloria.andre at xxxxx
Sun Jun 20 13:02:12 UTC 2010

Due to the *Jože Klepec *email back in April I started making the
documentation translation to Portuguese.
This requires indeed a great effort but I believe it to be very useful.

I started by using OmegaT which seems easy enough to understand and the
translation memory helps a little...
I also like the google translator integration.

However I'm writing not only to share this facts but more to share problems
and solutions.

1) I felt the need to change the segmentation settings of OmegaT, more
precisely I unset the "Text files segmentation" rule so it became an
This rule breaks sentences and paragraphs each time a newline is detected.
And geany.txt has newlines in the middle of phrases which was making the
translation impossible.
Are these newlines in geany.txt required for some kind of text formatting?
They seem to limit the width of the text but I doubt this has to be made

2) So far, the setting change in 1) had one negative side effect. I'm unable
to have the first table right.
The images attached show the 2 types that come out after a series of tries.
If I edit the html file to include <br> after each authors name, the table
gets equal to the original one.
Any thoughts on how to solve this?

3) I've been generating the html by explicitly writing *rst2html -stg
--stylesheet=geany.css ./geany.txt geany.html* this is because running *make
doc* inside the geany's doc directory gives me the *make: *** No rule to
make target `doc'.  Stop.* error.
I'm not sure but I see that in the doc folder there is only the Makefile.am
and Makefile.in, in "my days" the make tool looked for a Makefile file,
without any extension. Times change and I probably didn't get the memo :p.
(I don't write a makefile in quite some time...)
Where's the problem?

4) I noticed 1 typo in geany.txt and made a little change (added a period to
a sentence) to have the correct behaviour out of OmegaT.
I'm thinking, in the end, of sending a patch with the changes I make.
It's the most practical thing right? Or I shouldn't touch geany.txt at all?

Kind Regards,
André Glória
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