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Lucas Vieites lucasvieites at xxxxx
Mon Apr 12 07:34:05 UTC 2010

  I wasn't proposing any tool change, I just considered that, as a
translator, I have to be able to choose my translation tool. That is not
supposed to be part of the development.
  Right now, when I press F1 in Geany, a Firefox window pops up showing  a
local html file ("file:///var/opt/share/doc/geany/html/index.html",
"/var/opt/" is where I have installed my svn version of Geany).

  I interpreted the initial proposition by Jože Klepec as a way of showing
the translated html file for the current locale to the user when he/she
presses F1 (or uses the "Help" menu). Another project I contribute
translations to (Inkscape) does it like that; the Help files are links to
the translated versions of the current locale, if a translation for that
locale does not exist, then show the default (English).

  The only "big" problem for translators is having the source of the Help
file(s) in a supported format for their CAT (Computer Aided Translation)
tool. In my case I use "OmegaT" and "Open Language Tools" for documentation
and "KBabel" or "gtranslator" for .po files.
  The first two tools have the ability to use Translation Memories, so you
can reuse previous tranlsations when updating a version. You will only have
to change the modified strings (fuzzies) and translate the new strings.

  Just my 2 cents,

2010/4/11 "Jože Klepec" <joze.klepec at siol.net>

> Hi,
> I don't think we will come far if everyone pushes his own direction. We
> need to:
> 1.) Split help to several separated geany_h_nn.po on the same cliché as we
> translate gui.
> 2.) Use the same tool collection as we had until now, merely with
> additional scripts to boost them. We just introduced waf and there is
> probably no common knowledge about it (I admit, I personally used it
> previous week for the first time!).
> So we need to boost, make robust, not to expand too fast. That's where
> Enrico is right.
> About index: no, this is the main (core) quick help file to redirect,
> installed by default. If you choose another language for interface or you
> want massive help, you select additional help file and download it. Pointers
> from it are in the main file and autoredirect to it.
> Cheers,
> Jože
> Na 11. 04. 2010 20:37, Lucas Vieites je pisal:
>> Hi, using CAT software like OmegaT makes keeping a translation of an html
>> updated very easy.
>>  El 11/04/2010 15:52, "Enrico Tröger" <enrico.troeger at uvena.de <mailto:
>>> enrico.troeger at uvena.de>> escribió:
>>> On Sun, 11 Apr 2010 01:02:45 +0200, Dominic wrote:
>>> >Am Samstag, den 10.04.2010, 19:11 +0200 schrieb...
>>> This would be the easiest way. Though it might be not that easy for
>>> translators to keep their translations up2date. The geany.txt in SVN
>>> changes from time to time when we add/change things. Not sure how busy
>>> translators would be keeping their copies up2date.
>>> This is way easier for normal translations of code as msgfmt and
>>> intltool manage the changes and merge them into the translations.
>>> Though, for a whole documentation this won't work and that's why I
>>> never considered it a good idea to translate documentation. Not that it
>>> wouldn't be useful but the risk of outdated or inconsistent
>>> translations is too high if translators loose interest, time or
>>> whatever to keep it up2date.
>>> >Maybe the current geany.txt could be renamed to geany-en.txt so that
>>> >the geany.txt will be the i...
>>> I don't see any reason why and so I'd rather keep the "original",
>>> English version at geany.txt.
>>> I didn't get the whole "index file" thing. Are you talking about
>>> webservers?
>>> >Translators could just begin to write their geany-cc.txt and send it to
>>> >Frank or this list, and ...
>>> I fully agree here.
>>> Regards,
>>> Enrico
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