[Geany-i18n] wondering about help translation

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Sat Apr 10 17:11:16 UTC 2010


On Sat, 10 Apr 2010 13:20:02 +0200
"Jože Klepec" <joze.klepec at siol.net> wrote:

> things look great. To do them, we need just a little push.

*Push* ;)

> I plan to do Slovenian as I wrote help in next month as I have some 
> other things to do.

OK. Great. So we have a project with translating manual to Slovenian,
Spanish and as I cannot say 'no' at this moment, also to German langauage
withint the next weeks / month. 

But I'm not sure at the moment how to do this at best. Currently I can
think of using a wiki or a git repo to work on the translations on the
first hand, but also keep the basis version ( = the English one) up to
date as I suggest to start working with 0.19 devel version of it. What
do you think about?

Frank Lanitz <frank at frank.uvena.de>
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