[Geany-i18n] Chinese (Simplified) translation for geany-plugins

Xhacker Liu liu.dongyuan at xxxxx
Fri Oct 30 00:53:53 UTC 2009

I translated geany-plugins to Simplified Chinese with many questions.
  1) Line 365, "Using a bigger hammer!", what does it mean?
  2) Line 439, 448,  I can't understand " Break after " and" Break when ",
could you give me an example(full sentence)?
  3) Line 667, "Debugging of core files id not supported", maybe the
programmer's mistake? I think it should be "Debugging of core files *is* not
supported". If not, I will edit my translation.
  4) Line 1703, "_Mail document", the "Mail" is none or verb?
  5) Line 568, "%s:%s", is that time or something else?
  6) Line 1034, maybe a mistake, "classhave" should be "class have".
  7) Line 1588, what is "dummy text" mean?
  8) Line 996, there are too many tabs, is it just in order to format well?
  9) Line 1915, "_Blame", what does it mean?
  10) Line 156, 160, "Header extensions" and "Implementations extensions",
they means what?
Sorry, it takes you a long time.
Thank you!

Xhacker Liu
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