[Geany-i18n] French translation update + Quick strings review

Jean-Philippe Moal skateinmars at xxxxx
Mon Apr 6 12:48:05 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

So first, I should apologize for taking such a long time to update the french
translation. However it wasn't in such a bad shape thanks to Roland Baudin.
Anyway here it is joined, there is 2 strings marked fuzzy but they should be
okay if you (Frank) want to commit the file without marking them as such.
I also updated the catalog and added a header for the plural form (by copying
the one in the german file), it works fine but I may have screwed up something
as I'm not sure of what I'm doing :-)

I also have some suggestions about the english strings:

- "Auto-close squre-bracket when typing an opening one" There is a missing "a"
in "square"

- "Adds a little header to every page containing the page number, the filename
and the current date(see below). It takes 3 lines of the page." There is a
missing space before the opening parenthesis
- "Print only the basename(without the path) of the printed file" Same here

- "Show the line ending character" This text uses the infinitive form for show,
but other strings in the same menu uses the 3rd person "Shows". This is the
string for Preferences, Editor, Display.

- "Add page numbers at the bottom of each page. It takes 2 lines of the page"
The string is almost the same for 2 different entries except for a comma instead
of a phrase ending in the first one. Is this intended or a duplicate ?

- "Set the project's base directory" 4850 This one is unclear. It seems this
option for the filebrowser plugin changes the home button in the files sidebar
so clicking it leads to the project base directory instead of the user home
directory. I think something along "Sets the home directory to the project's
base directory" explains it better.

So by the way, thanks for the 0.16 release, I'm kinda stuck with eclipse for my
day job but I don't want to let go of geany :-)
I'll also try to translate the plugins available in geany plugins, but as usual
I may take some (long) time.

Jean-Philippe Moal
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