[Geany-i18n] Russian translation of some strings is wrong (and some other proposals)

stat.c Static-Const at xxxxx
Mon May 12 09:59:34 UTC 2008

In the main menu 'Edit' is usually translated to 'Правка', not to 'Редактирование'. In the context of programming to 'Build'  must be translated to 'Сборка', not to 'Построить' and 'Compile' means 'Скомпилировать', not 'Собрать'.

Also, why some menu items does not have access keys (e.g., 'Поиск') while some have them (e.g., 'Файл')?

Also, it seems to me that 'Команды сборки...' is more pleasant than 'Установить Включения и Аргументы'.

P.S. Can I write in Russian here when speaking about the Russian translation?

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