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this is the wrong list for general questions about Geany. This list is
mainly for translation related topics. So let's move to geany at uvena.de,
the general discussion list. Thanks.

> kann man in Geany auch die Möglichkeit nutzen, per FTP Daten zu laden
> und zu speichern, wenn ich die entsprechenden Veränderungen an einer
> Datei durchgeführt habe... damit man sich das lokale Abspeichern spart
> und online quasi wie lokal arbeiten kann.

First, I'll translate the question for non-German readers:
Is it possible to load and save files from online resources like FTP
servers to spare the save & upload cycle.

Answer: no.
This is not possible and we won't implement this. This question had
been asked several times in the past on this list.
The easiest and (IMO) much better solution would be to use FUSE or LUFS
to mount a remote directory or file system into your local file system,
so _all_ of your apps are able to access the files on on the remote
file system. This is much more general and a better solution than to
integrate support for this into single applications.

Anyway, in the upcoming GLib 2.16 release there will be some new code
for filesystem abstraction in some way. I didn't read anything about
it yet, so I've not yet any idea how it will be and what we can do with
this. Be patient or better: use LUFS or FUSE.


P.S.: using a real name ina ddition to the email address in the From
header is always a good idea ;-).

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