[Geany-i18n] French localization for 'plugin' ?

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On Tue, 10 Jun 2008 00:24:29 +0200, Jean-Philippe
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> + "greffon" is already used in many other projects, mainly GNOME and 
> related GTK+ projects
> + this word already exists in the french language (usually related to 
> biology and medicine -transplants-), with a very similar meaning
> + the term in itself in simple (one word)

This would be enough pros for me and the cons below are not good
enough, IMO. But I don't speak French(at least not more than what I
remember from school :D), so don't count my voice.

> - this is obviously a loss of easiness, in the translation itself as 
> there is many strings to change, and for potential french dev, the 
> difference between the translation and the internal naming may be
> confusing

For other translators, you can add translation comments to the po file.
I don't know the exact syntax for it without searching but e.g. poedit
can do this for you.

> - What about third party plugins ? There may be a lack of unification 
> with the 2 terms mixed together. Also, I'm not sure about this point

This can't be avoided except using English only as an interface
language and even then it can happen that the same action is named
differently. Don't care too much about this.

> but there may be some hard coded 'plugin' strings, and the

There shouldn't be any user-visible strings which can't be translated.
If you find one, tell us.

> documentation refers to 'plugin' as there is no french translation.

Happens to all languages, there is IMO no easy way to avoid this except
translating the documentation into each supported language but this
would probably exceed available resources.

> I looked up some others translations and the german one doesn't show
> any localization for the term (maybe because there is none ?), but

In German, there is no translation which makes any sense. The German
term for 'transplants' exists which is 'Transplantate' but it isn't
usable for 'plugins', IMO.
More suitable would be "Programmerweiterung" which is (when translated
back into English) 'application extension'. But it's too long, it's
more a description. Another approach could be 'Zusatzmodul' which is
'additional module' but it sounds strange and it's common practice to
use 'plugin' also in German (as far as I know).

This is why I like English sometimes more than German: you can express
things very short and concisely (not always but more often than in
Furthermore, sometimes people try to translate things only to have them
translated. I noticed this sometimes in the past when discussing or
translating components of Xfce. But such issues can be easily solved by
talking about it ;-).

Anyway, to make a long story short:

If 'greffon' fits the term, why not translating it. But let's see what
the real French speaking people think about.


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