[Geany-i18n] French localization for 'plugin' ?

Jean-Philippe skateinmars at xxxxx
Mon Jun 9 22:24:29 UTC 2008


Following to a post from Francois on the main geany list 
(http://lists.uvena.de/pipermail/geany/2008-April/003235.html, yeah it's 
a bit old :-) ) I am considering about changing the French translation 
for 'plugin'.
Until now I simply used the 'plugin' anglicism without any localization, 
mainly because I was too lazy :-) and I found this simpler and more 
coherent with the English version.

Right now I'm thinking about changing this term, and the more likely to 
replace 'plugin' is "greffon". here are some pros and cons for the 
replacement :

+ "greffon" is already used in many other projects, mainly GNOME and 
related GTK+ projects
+ this word already exists in the french language (usually related to 
biology and medicine -transplants-), with a very similar meaning
+ the term in itself in simple (one word)

- there may be many (french) users already used to the 'plugin' term, so 
the change may introduce some incomprehensions
- this is obviously a loss of easiness, in the translation itself as 
there is many strings to change, and for potential french dev, the 
difference between the translation and the internal naming may be confusing
- What about third party plugins ? There may be a lack of unification 
with the 2 terms mixed together. Also, I'm not sure about this point but 
there may be some hard coded 'plugin' strings, and the documentation 
refers to 'plugin' as there is no french translation.

I looked up some others translations and the german one doesn't show any 
localization for the term (maybe because there is none ?), but the 
spanish one uses "complemento" so there should not be any major issues 
with changing the term.

If anyone cares feel free to drop a comment :-)
Otherwise I may or may not do the change, depending on the date for the 
next release and the time I'll spend on it ;-)

Jean-Philippe M.

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