[Geany-i18n] New translator needs some help

Stavros Temertzidis bullgr at xxxxx
Mon Dec 17 23:19:09 UTC 2007


This is the first time i write to the list.
I started to translate geany to my native language (greek).
Here is the steps i done so far:

-install svg to my linux box
-download svn geany: svn co
https://geany.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/geany/trunk geany
-after i install the needed dev packages i run succesfull: ./autogen.sh
-then i create the el_GR.po file: msginit -l el_GR -o el_GR.po - i geany.pot
-and i translate already 50 lines using kbabel
-after i add el_GR in LINGUAS file, i run intl_stats.sh to check the
translation status

this is i know so far.
what more need i to do? what else need to learn about svn?
how can i get to the geany translation statistics
http://geany.uvena.de/i18n/ ?

sorry about the questions but its all new to me

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