[Geany-Devel] Building geany using msys2 on Windows 10

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Tue Sep 14 22:57:10 UTC 2021

> So looking at https://nightly.geany.org/win32/build_win32_geany.log,
> the problem is clear: the build is using Python 2.7. Python2 will read
> the file as ASCII by default, while Python3 will try to detect the
> encoding and fall back to UTF-8. Plus Python2 is now unsupported.
> When I tried to recreate the problem on msys and cygwin for 1.31.1,
> 1.36, and 1.37.1 , I could not reproduce it because I have Python3
> installed as the only Python on both systems. I spent more time than I
> should have on this, and I think you may have found a solution
> yourself.

Thanks for pointing this out, in fact the configure script needs
fixing on Linux as well, it checks for "python" not "python3" (AFAICT
I'm crap at autofools).  Explains why HTML fails to build here because
there is no "python" command anymore so the configure fails even
though "python3" is available and "rst2html" specifies
#!/usr/bin/python3.  It also does some weirdness using "py" for the
python command on windows which according to the Python docs should
find the latest version installed or the version in the script, ie
what rst2html explicitly specifies, even if its in Unix form


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