[Geany-Devel] How to programmatically de-select text -- solved

Austin Green austin.green at xxxxx
Thu Aug 29 03:45:50 UTC 2019

> SCI_SETSEL(position anchor, position caret) ... scintilla_send_message() which is in the API

@Lex: Yay!  SCI_SETSEL was right on target!  Or "rem acu tetigiste" as the Romans used to say.  Overnight my brain had come up with the idea of investigating the Scintilla message API, so you saved me some work.  Thanks heaps.

> Scintilla message API ... see https://scintilla.org/ScintillaDoc.html

@Colomban: it wasn't specially relevant, but I'm modding the "addons" plugin to add a few features from SlickEdit that I miss, one of which is deselecting after a copy.  Thanks heaps to you too for the Scintilla message suggestion.


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