[Geany-Devel] shorter lines for language syntax

Andy Alt andya1973 at xxxxx
Fri Apr 12 22:26:58 UTC 2019

Hi Billy.

I don't recall that's an open issue but I'd suggest creating a ticket for it on the Geany repo so it can be discussed. afaik, most of the people involved with Geany primarily use the GitHub issue section to discuss feature suggestion or proposed code changes.


Apr 10, 2019, 4:01 PM by catpoopjb7 at gmail.com:

> my name is billy (duh!!)...& im only about a week old but i do have
> some experience writing code. currently im running 1.3.2 & the issue
> im addressing may or may not have been solved in the upcoming release
> (if so disregard this msg). that issue is that all the keywords in a
> programming language .conf have to be on one huge line and thats
> obvsly a huge pain-in-the-butt. it shuldnt be to difficult to modify
> it to allow multiple [KEYWORD] lines if u can point me to the code
> where it reads it in...
> thx...
> peace,
> billy
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