[Geany-Devel] Geany Plugins and Document Close Behavior

Jason Cumbie jscumbie at xxxxx
Sun May 13 06:55:20 UTC 2018

Hello Geany Developers,

I’m a software developer who has had fun using Geany for my own
projects, so thank you for all the hard work you guys have been doing
- I love it! Hopefully this is the right place to post this - if there
is somewhere else I should post this additionally and/or instead let
me know.

When playing around with modifying plugins I found a potential issue
with document closing. The ‘document-close’ signal only supplies
plugins with a document that has the ‘changed’ flag set if one
document is closed, e.g. a user hit the 'x' on the UI document tab,
but not when all documents are being closed, e.g. when quitting Geany,
regardless of whether the ‘document’ has changes. The cause for this
behavior appears to be the 'document_account_for_saved' function in
document.c which sets the 'changed' flag to FALSE when closing all
documents. I've attached a patch to this email that could address
this. At the bottom of this email I've described the approach I took
with this patch.  If the patch doesn’t look good let me know what I
can do to fix it, or if this behavior is expected, would love
suggestions on how a plugin should be able to get this information
when a document is being closed.

I'm running Geany by installing it from source from the most recent
version: 1.34., but the behavior I see is caused by functions and code
which appear to have been around for awhile so I don't think this
would be much different for previous versions.

Thank you for any feedback you guys can give. Again really love the
Geany project, and I’m glad you’ve made it possible to have fun coding
without requiring shelling out massive amounts of money to use a
really nice light-weight editor.


The approach in the patch is simple – remove the code that modifies
the ‘changed’ flag in 'document_account_for_saved', and add a check in
the ‘remove_page’ function for the ‘main_status.closing_all’ to avoid
prompting the user when closing all documents. This flag gets set
during ‘force_close_all’ which is only called in ‘document_close_all’,
so I couldn’t find anything wrong with this approach – let me know if
that is not the case.

The only other change that was needed is in how ‘main_quit’ handles
closing all documents to ensure the current behavior behavior isn’t
changed when closing Geany, especially since it also calls
‘document_account_for_unsaved’. The approach I took to this was to
remove the ‘document_account_for_unsaved’ out of the ‘main_quit’
function since this will be called with ‘project_close’ or
‘document_close_all’ in 'do_main_quit', and change the ‘do_main_quit’
function to use the return value from ‘project_close’ and/or
‘document_close_all’ to allow aborting the procedure if the user
canceled and pass this back up to the ‘main_quit’ , or return TRUE at
the end of the function call otherwise.
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