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Jérôme Andanson j.andanson at xxxxx
Thu Jun 7 05:53:47 UTC 2018

Le 06/06/2018 à 23:26, Lex Trotman a écrit :
> On Thu, 7 Jun 2018 at 00:16, Matthew Brush <mbrush at codebrainz.ca> wrote:
>> On 2018-06-06 01:53 AM, Mark O'Donovan wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Regarding https://github.com/geany/geany/issues/1870
>>> What are people's thoughts on transitioning away from GitHub?
>>> I personally have given GitHub a free pass up to now due to the benefits
>>> they were providing to the FOSS community. Following the Microsoft
>>> buyout I no longer wish to do so and have moved all repositories I
>>> control to GitLab. I am considering closing my GitHub account altogether
>>> and will be considerably more likely to contribute to GitLab projects in
>>> future. In this i'm sure that I am not alone.
>>> I also think that Geany, as a Free and Open Source Software program,
>>> should be hosted on a FOSS repository management site. The same open
>>> source arguments that we use to promote Geany apply here.
>> What changes with the new ownership? As I understand it, the website is
>> to remain free for open source projects, is still proprietary software,
>> and is still owned by an (albeit massively larger) for-profit corporation.
> Agree with Matthew, as far as Geany is concerned, nothing changes, a
> company allows us to use their infrastructure, so we do.  It will
> always be on their terms. Same with Sourceforge same with Gitlab.
> And to add, Gitlab is also a private company, with terms of use that
> allow it to unilaterally change the terms of use without notification,
> but all users are responsible for monitoring the terms and obeying
> them.  The only difference is that they provide the software
> (including their ability to monitor your use in the binary installs)
> for you to set up your own copy, but Geany does not have the
> infrastructure or manpower to set up and maintain its own site.
Another possibility is to use an instance of gitlab managed by a non
profit organization like framagit[1] by a french association
framasoft[2] just my 2cents ...


[1] https://framagit.org
[2] https://framasoft.org/
>>> At the very least I think the gitlab.com/geany project domain should be
>>> claimed and mirrored.
>> That seems reasonable, as long as the bug tracker and pull requests and
>> such can be disabled, and the mirroring can be automated.
>> by Akronix:
>> I can understand to disable the bug tracker, but why do you want to disable pull requests? The objective here I think it's to open the door to the people who want to contribute in gitlab instead of in github
> Agree with Matthew, the main Geany contributors are not finding enough
> time to handle just Github, they don't want to be interacting with two
> different sites, its likely to be a shambles, thats why it should be a
> pure mirror.
> Regards
> Lex
>> Regards,
>> Matthew Brush
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