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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Thu Dec 27 18:55:46 UTC 2018

Hi Rubén,

> My name is Rubén. I'm a master's degree student at UDC and I've been using Geany and loving it for years. Finally I've subscribed to developer mailing list with the goals of:
>   *   Dive into the Geany project.
>   *   Contribute by solving some bugs (listed) or adding features requested in the wishlist. Python code autocompletion sounds good to me - but maybe that goes a bit off my hands
>   *   Get short info about the overall code architecture of the project. I've already been digging into the core source, but I'd love to hear something from real authors (plugins are also interesting to me).
>   *   In general, get myself an idea of how the code of the project is organised, whether there are some interesting patterns... And become an active member of the community!

great to hear you want to join the development and help on improving
Geany! Thanks.

You probably already found https://www.geany.org/Support/Bugs. I guess
the issue list on Github is the best source to find a start into
development. Just try to pick a bug report or feature which sounds
interesting to you and just have a go.

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to ask here on the list and/or
in the IRC channel on Freenode.

JFTR, the wishlist on https://www.geany.org/Support/PluginWishlist is
not up to date any more, nobody maintains it. There might be features
already implemented, some features probably never to be implemented and
of course also ideas which you might want to follow.

Regarding the code architecture, I'd say you can find DOs and DONTs next
to each other :). The code evolved over years from a not so good start
(in terms of software architecture and design) to what we have today.
Overall I think the code is in pretty good shape but can be further
optimised of course :).

Have fun and welcome to Geany,

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