[Geany-Devel] Workbench translation and the use of Directory vs Folder

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sat Nov 18 03:56:30 UTC 2017

Hey Lars, and other translators,

I'm trying to translate the Workbench plugin in French, and beside the
trickiness of translating (or not) "Workbench" itself, I'm highly
puzzled by the use of both "Directory" vs. "Folder" in very similar
manner yet with apparently distinct meanings.

For example, there is "Open all files in directory", but also "Open all
files in folder".  I'm not a native English speaker, but I do find this
very obscure: for what I know, "folder" and "directory" are mostly
interchangeable terms in the common computer world, and it's certainly
not clear what is the difference between those for me in that context.

So I think there should be a better wording in English so that the user
could understand what each of those do, and how they are different.
Also, I'm afraid the use of those will be inconsistent with other part
of the software (Geany, GTK, and likely other plugins), not helping
being clear.
And for now I cannot translate those properly, because I still have no
idea what the difference is, and although in French I could translate
"directory" to "répertoire" and "folder" to "dossier", it would have the
exact same problem here: they are basically equivalent in this context.

So Lars, could you explain the difference between those?
And to the other translators, what did you do with this?


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