[Geany-Devel] [Test] Geany 1.27 Windows binaries for testing

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Fri Mar 11 23:59:44 UTC 2016

Hey, sorry to be so late, but here we go

Le 06/03/2016 23:52, Enrico Tröger a écrit :
> […]
> http://download.geany.org/snapshots/geany-1.27nightly_setup.exe
> http://download.geany.org/snapshots/geany-plugins-1.27nightly_setup.exe
> If you can, please test and report issues as soon as you on Github as
> time is already close to the 1.27 release.

I just tried installed both Geany an GP snapshots on a Window 7 VM, and
it seems mostly good :)

Not sure if it's my VM, but it seems slightly slow to startup or show
plugin list.  Might be related to an antivirus or something too.

Some issues:

# Geany

Suffers from unfixed
-- just mentioning here so testers can know it's known and fixed in the

# GP installer:

* The list of dependencies in the message for the GP option
"Dependencies" is outdated.

# GP plugins

* Spellcheck seems to miss all dictionaries, making it not very useful
(and print an error when loaded)

* WebHelper somewhat works, but the inspector doesn't, complains about
missing resource:

> Unable to load page
> Problem occurred while loading the URL
> La resource dans « /\org\webkitgtk\inspector\UserInterface\Main.html »
n'existe pas
> Try again

I also have to click the inspector button twice, but that might be a
WebKitGTK issue not specific to Windows.

* GeniusPaste doesn't fine its config files under Windows (an issue I
expected might happen, will try to figure out a fix).

Will keep on searching for problems, but that's all for the moment :)


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