[Geany-Devel] Problems calling ui_update_statusbar from a plugin

Thomas Martitz kugel at xxxxx
Sat Oct 31 12:16:44 UTC 2015

Am 31. Oktober 2015 11:39:21 MEZ, schrieb Abel <akronix5 at gmail.com>:
>I understand. I'm trying to solve the inconsistency of being editing a
>document on split window but having the status bar showing something
>(Should I open a issue to report this bug?). So, yes, you can take this
>a request for the API :)
>I haven't ever doxygened anything. But would it be enough for getting
>it to the API just adding doxygen comments to it? I want to test that
>function is suitable for the purpose I want it for, before sending a PR
>getting it into the API.

Are you working on the existing splitwindow plugin or are you creating a 
new one?

I'm slowly working on a in-core solution, you can find it at

PS: Please do not top post.

Best regards

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