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Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Sat Nov 28 09:30:10 UTC 2015

On 28.11.2015 02:56, Matthew Brush wrote:
> On 2015-11-27 9:57 AM, Dimitar Zhekov wrote:
>> [...]
>> Enough. If the gtk+3 developers want to target the mobile market
>> or something, so be it. [...]
> I feel your frustration. The overall Windows support by GTK+ has
> severely degraded with GTK+ 3 in a number of ways:
>   - Uses touch-style GNOME theme which looks absolutely grotesque.
>     We'll have to ship a CSS theme for each Windows version if we
>     care at all about Geany feeling like a good Windows app.
>   - A number of common dialogs have been crippled to facilitate
>     use by mobiles (even though GTK+ basically isn't viable on
>     99% of the worlds mobile devices). Also the file dialogs crash
>     when compiled for 64-bit Windows (ie. the mainstream).
>   - Doesn't provide any built-in fallback icons, so we'll have
>     to ship a whole set of stock icons we use from Tango or
>     GNOME3 theme.
>   - Can't be bothered to provide binaries as is customary for
>     Windows software to do. Instead, pawn off the responsibility
>     to a simulated Unix-like environment which is massive, slow
>     and requires special scripts in each app to extract all of
>     GTK+ binaries from a full Unix-like root filesystem install.
>   - Not to mention specific bugs and regressions as you're
>     experiencing.
> Personally I'll be sticking with GTK+ 2 on Windows with Geany as long as
> possible.
> It's not much better when I'm in Linux either. GTK+ 3 completely broke
> (ie. de-activated) theme engines, not even waiting for GTK+ 4, so the
> theme engine KDE used which provided almost perfect integration of GTK+
> apps into KDE no longer works and all GTK+ 3 apps look horrid and out of
> place now. I'll also be sticking with GTK+ 2 on Linux.
> </rant>
> Sad to hear you're not gonna use Geany though, I find the GTK+ 2
> releases of Geany to still be very usable on Windows 7 and 10.

I full agree with that.


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