[Geany-Devel] End of Line

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Fri Nov 27 21:57:48 UTC 2015


Le 27/11/2015 18:57, Dimitar Zhekov a écrit :
> I see that the Scope plugin is marked in autotools as gtk+2 only,
> and rightly so. […]
> Enough. If the gtk+3 developers want to target the mobile market
> or something, so be it. I'm switching to another editor. It has
> disadvantages, but is stable, and gets the job done.

I for one don't plan on dropping full GTK2 support in any near future.
Basically, unless supporting GTK2 prevents us from running on modern
OSes too, it'll (most probably) stick.

So yeah, Frank has some plans to require GTK3 support in GP plugins,
which I can understand for consistency with Geany and as some setups
will (in the future) require a Wayland-capable toolkit (which, AFAIK,
GTK2 isn't) and the likes;  but Geany (and GP) will not drop GTK2
support just like that.



> [1] For example, set height request 80, as somebody did for the
> Project Description field, though using a fixed height is against
> everything gtk+. […]

BTW, instead of size request you can set a "min content width/height" on
the GtkScrolledWindow.

> Another approach is to put some text in the textview, prefferably
> with new lines, but that worked for me with mixed success.

AFAIK the small size is a result in changes in GtkScrolledWindow rather,
and GtkTextView only asks for its very minimal size.  GtkScrolledWindow
used to require a quite large size (I'd say around 80x80 maybe), but
that changed so now it requires its very minimal size too.

One possible "solution" for an "intelligently" sized view would be to
override the size requisition for the scrolled window and do something
"smart" in it in all cases, even if the child GtkTextView doesn't ask
for anything.

But yeah, that's kinda annoying.

BTW, I'm not sure in what context this is, but default packing flags
changed in GTK3, so some things that used to expand by default might not
anymore, so this might also be the source of the problem.

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