[Geany-Devel] End of Line

Dimitar Zhekov dimitar.zhekov at xxxxx
Fri Nov 27 17:57:51 UTC 2015

Hi, All,

I see that the Scope plugin is marked in autotools as gtk+2 only,
and rightly so. At some point, gtk+3 broke GtkTextView: instead
of a reasonable default size, a view without text is 0 pixels
high (actually 1, gtk+ does not support zero). One of these views
is critical for the Scope UI. Interestingly, even after typing
some text in it (I managed to do that somehow), the view remains
1 pixel high. :)

I can find some workaround for this, though there doesn't seem to
be any good ones [1]. And create a PR to fix the insane statusbar
padding [2]. And find some non-tabletish theme, and fix it for
Windows Medium fonts [3], and...

Enough. If the gtk+3 developers want to target the mobile market
or something, so be it. I'm switching to another editor. It has
disadvantages, but is stable, and gets the job done.

It'll be nice if somebody makes the vte and headers checks in
scope.m4 as unix-only (there's already a "case" for the non-unix
platforms). Personally I'll dump a TODO list for the plugin, and
mark it as "Orphaned", along with geanyinsertnum and

Please, spare me any reproaches, I feel unpleasant as it is.

*** I wish Geany, and all of you, the best of luck. ***


[1] For example, set height request 80, as somebody did for the
Project Description field, though using a fixed height is against
everything gtk+. That Description is broken for me BTW, neither
the arrows nor Enter scroll it, and the cursor happily disappears
below the lower border after entering a few lines. YMMV.

Another approach is to put some text in the textview, prefferably
with new lines, but that worked for me with mixed success.

[2] "gtk 3.16 statusbar size under Win~1" in the maining list.

[3] That doesn't appear as easy as setting a smaller default font
for all views, and the gtk+3 programs can't be marked as "DPI
unaware" by Windows 7 "Troubleshooting" feature.

E-gards: Jimmy

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