[Geany-Devel] DevynCJohnson's Ideas (November)

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Tue Nov 10 23:18:54 UTC 2015

> Geany Dev Team:
> Thanks again, Lex Trotman, for your feedback.
> When I was referring to "packages" when discussing
> "filetypes_extension_extra.conf", I did not mean files like *.deb. I mean
> "package" as in a general file containing multiple files. In other words, I
> meant that Geany.org could have a Tarball available for download that
> contains additional file-extensions. True, I should have explained my idea
> more clearly.

Definitely something on the wiki.

> I have not tested *.sed and *.awk, yet. Everything listed under "May
> Consider" are ideas I thought about, but have not yet coded or tested. I
> wanted to get the team's thoughts before I put time into testing and coding
> an idea that the team may consider a definite "no". Anything listed under
> "Will Add Soon", "Will Add", and similar headers are file-types I have
> either tested or I am currently using. So, to rephrase the question about
> *.sed and *.awk, if I were to find a parser and lexer that works, would
> *.sed and *.awk be considerable?

Well, to save you the search Scintilla has no lexer for either awk or
sed so no highlighting.  ctags has a parser for awk which would at
least give you the symbol pane but nothing for sed.

But frankly, as much as I love dear little old awk, I just don't see
the demand for it to be worth the effort and maintenance.  These days
people tend to use Python or Ruby or even <shudder> Perl to do stuff
awk used to be used for.


> As far as *.ii is concerned, I will wait until standards change or if Geany
> gains support for headers that may be C or C++ implicitly. (NOTE: For
> instance, *.h++ and *.hpp are explicitly C++ headers)
> I will be sure to try to be more clear with my proposals.
> --
> Thanks,
> Devyn Collier Johnson
> DevynCJohnson at Gmail.com
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