[Geany-Devel] Miscellaneous Ideas

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Tue Nov 10 23:04:33 UTC 2015

> Geany Dev Team:
> Thank you everyone for your insightful and helpful feedback and comments.
> I understand that package maintainers compile the code themselves. I am
> mainly referring to the default compiling options used by Geany or the
> suggested compilation process used in README files. However, I did some
> testing, and I did not see any noticeable performance improvements. In other
> words, my tests show that the defaults are fine. Even when compiling with
> flags that disable or remove debugging, the Geany executable is not smaller
> and the memory usage is the same (even when using "strip --strip-debug
> --strip-unneeded ./geany").

It may not strip much, the symbols are needed for plugins to work, so
they won't strip (or if they did plugins would probably fail).

> When compiling Geany, I did see many deprecation
> and pointer warnings (mainly with GTK).

There are heaps of deprecation warnings with GTK3, hence my previous
comment about adding --no-deprecate, but there shouldn't be any with

What pointer warnings do you get?

> By the way, what does "--enable-force" do to the building process? Is it
> simply a joke?

Probably, maybe it should be updated to a newer meme, although there
is a new star wars coming soon :).

> I am not disappointed if my code is not merged. I understand that the team
> needs to ensure that Geany is fast, stable, and lightweight. Plus, this is
> not "my" project, so I do not expect to have all my ideas implemented just
> because "I" suggest something.
> I will be sure to consider contributing to the Wiki.
> Lex, true, licenses could be added as file templates. However, using "Edit >
> Insert Comments > SOME-LICENSE" is not dependent on the programming
> language.

The templates can be given an extension, and that will even create the
file with that extension, and set the filetype from it. Thats why I
said I have apache.hpp and apache.cpp as templates.

> Matthew and Lex, so which mailing list is the correct one for plugin
> development? You each suggested a different mailing list.

Actually we are saying the same thing in differing ways :)

See http://www.geany.org/Support/MailingList, the development list is
for development, the user list is for stuff users might care about.
Many users are not subscribed to the devel list so if you want
comments from the general user community (like how should the UI work)
 you should use that.

But its the same lists for both plugins and geany itself, sorry for
the confusion.

> Matthew, as far as adding license templates, I think must be added to Geany
> because placing a license template in ~/.config/geany/filedefs/templates and
> /usr/share/geany/templates does not add the new license to "Edit > Insert
> Comments". I even tried closing Geany and re-opening it and reloading the
> configuration.

Yes, the templates are added to the "create file" dropdown, they are
*file* templates, ie a template for a new file.

> I strongly agree with Colomban Wendling about adding "bool", "true", and
> "false" to "primary=" in filetypes.c.

What you mean they won't change stdbool.h just for us :)

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