[Geany-Devel] f403e7e (PR#188) - Maintain edit history on document reload

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Jun 25 06:17:51 UTC 2015

> Right, makes some sense too.
> However, what to do in this case: the file is saved (clearing the red) and
> immediately reloaded? Make it red again or keep it clear?

Well reload syncs file and buffer, so its cleared again.  Seems right.

> There is a various pref for the "keep edit history on reload" as of git
> master (on by default). "Always clear undo" would set this to off.

Ok, maybe it should refer to this pref instead of using different
terminology, "keep edit history on unload" and "always clear undo" are
not immediately obvious as equivalent things.

> Too bad for those 10%,

What a nice response :(

> but red is universal for "be careful here" /
> "something needs your attention", like traffic lights.

But traffic lights have an alternative indication, the position of the light.

> I think the color can be changed though gtkrc/css, too.

Not in the manual so it doesn't exist.

Raised #531 for that, won't hijack this discussion further.

> Best regards.
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