[Geany-Devel] f403e7e (PR#188) - Maintain edit history on document reload

Thomas Martitz kugel at xxxxx
Wed Jun 24 15:04:34 UTC 2015


I have just noticed that current git, by default, doesn't prompt anymore 
when reloading documents, even when they are changed.

I traced it back to the $SUBJECT commit. IMO it's fine to keep the undo 
history on reload and not prompt, but it's not fine if the file is 
currently modified (unsaved) and reloading throws all unsaved changes 
away, without warning.

This is especially problematic because the new pref is on by default so 
users will probably be surprised by the new, changed behavior and lose 
some hours of work (happend to me...).

I'm asking for restoring the prompt (by default), at the very least if 
the file is unsaved.

Best regards

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