[Geany-Devel] Plugin Wishlist points

Per Löwgren per.lowgren at xxxxx
Thu Aug 27 08:23:41 UTC 2015


I've been working a bit on my Geany-plugin Djynn. A few of the points in
the plugin wishlist has been added to the plugin.

** In Project mode, be able to open recursively many source files under an
existing tree*
- in the project manager, all files in a folder and subfolders can be
opened at once

** A 2nd sidepane on the right-hand side. It would be practical to see
filetree and class browser at the same time. (core-thingy? I dunno) or
split the sidepane to see the filetree above the class browser*
- the project manager with file tree can be opened as a second sidepane

** List of all projects in sidebar. The project entries should be
expandable to show a treeview of all files in the projects base path*

** Add a javadocs option for java users*
- djynn has an option for javadoc/doxygen comments

** HTML Characters - Inserts HTML character decimal references like "&"
andhexadecimal references like "&" as well as the existing support
forentity references like "&". This could be a setting in the Geany
- djynn has a function for encoding and decoding HTML and a few other

Per Löwgren
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