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Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Sun Sep 28 19:27:34 UTC 2014

Am 23.09.2014 um 18:44 schrieb Dimitar Zhekov:
> - Not designed to be used by non-administrator. Fixable by writing
> some utility programs. - A zoo of user interfaces. Blood-red,
> poison-green or Turkish-blue for main backgrounds... 
>- Crappy 3rd
> party drivers, even from respected companies. 
>- 80% of the programs
> run properly in "96 DPI" :) only. Of the ones that "support" high
> DPI, half would better not, including FF and Opera. Somewhat fixable
> with 7even.

Well.. These are my most important issues inside Windows world for me
when really using it (beside the fact the closed source software wrong
by default is, but this is not the matter of discussion). I've got
issues with my eyes which forces me to use bigger font, higher contrast
etc. Unfortunately a huge number of standard software on Windows seems
to hard code their color schemas and fonts or hide them inside some
cryptic properties menu (which I only can access with pain without
changing the properties ...). With Windows 7 they changed a lot on UI
configuration compaired to XP (not all of them are bad) and some of
them do really a bad job. E.g. the thing that only FullHD seems be a
valid option on viewing things -- every other screen seeting is just
not working on my boxes. This is in combination with some of the vendors
are not using Windows UI API (which is avaialble and from what I have
seen is quiet ok in terms of acessibility) but doing there own stuff
are doing a real bad job on me. So in private I'm not using Windows
also because of such things, but at company my boss needs to pay the
extra time I spent on this crap.

At the end just to name some peases of software wich I recognized as
quiet bad during last years:

- Nearly everything from SAP starting with R/3 up to dbisql and other
Sybase originated tools incl PowerBuilder and PowerDesigner
- Aris
- Eclipse
- AFPS (some ERP tool)
- VMWare Websphere (The Flash ESX admin client -- not yet tried the
HTML5 version)
- Cisco Admin console
- ...

These tools might be powerful on there main function but they really
suck if you are hadicapped. At Linux desktops I don't have such issue
at least as long as vendors are using the API. So I can't really blame
Microsoft for most the these things, but I've got the experince, if it
comes to Windows/Java-World, Worls just sucks for people that are
handicapped with their eys.

Just my rant against vendors not using nativ API and a closed software
world which seems to support this behavior.


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