[Geany-Devel] Switched to Win~1

Steven Blatnick steve8track at xxxxx
Tue Sep 23 15:19:11 UTC 2014

On 09/22/2014 05:57 PM, Matthew Brush wrote:
> It's weird you (and others) seem to dismiss XFCE while citing this as 
> a goal. I've been using Xubuntu for nearly as long as I've been using 
> Linux and it's been a great distro+DE configuration; familiar, 
> painless, configurable, minimal, few bugs, each distro upgrade goes 
> super smooth, and otherwise the whole thing stays out of the way.
> P.S. I have my fingers crossed Ubuntu will shield me from this systemd 
> brouhaha I keep hearing about
> Cheers,
> Matthew Brush 

I don't mind XFCE.  I seem to prefer LXDE.  But ultimately I like the 
MATE menu with applications, places, and system, as well as having the 
configurability without having to edit menu entry files like in LXDE, 
although I think XFCE doesn't have that problem the little bit I've used 
it.  I think my biggest problem with non-MATE solutions is that the 
desktop widget doesn't seem to work as well with compiz (showing what 
desktop you are on, etc), but all in all, I would take XFCE or LXDE over 
Gnome 3 or Unity any day for a desktop.

Personally, I am more annoyed with Gnome 3 than Unity, because it's like 
they've overwritten their code base to make themselves a new project 
that is incompatible with what we are used to.  That said, Unity has 
caused some headaches with compiz configuration being catered to them.

If I had a bit more knowledge on how to make my own distro or if I could 
get a distro to adopt packages I like, I would personally like a distro 
with MATE + compiz + emerald, but even Ubuntu MATE doesn't have emerald 
yet (I've pushed, they suggested I make a ppa). Fortunately, that is the 
easiest thing to manually build and install compared to the other two.  
I also would consider PCManFM as a good file manager.  It seems to have 
most of the features of nautilus/caja, but snappier/light weight.  They 
just need to make a "Connect to Server..." dialog, and I would barely 
notice the difference.

All of this civil unrest/war in the linux community is one of the 
reasons I left making gedit plugins and am happily using geany now. 
Thanks for making an awesome editor!  Please don't "gnome things up" by 
breaking all of your plugins or drastically changing something. I know 
there has been discussion of new plugin architectures, so hopefully they 
won't force me to re-write my plugins like gedit did.



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