[Geany-Devel] SourceFarce

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Mon Sep 1 02:27:27 UTC 2014


Just wanted to let everyone know, I deleted my Source Forge account 
after like 20 times of losing my comments. This final time it was a 
detailed C++ explanation on Scintilla's bug tracker that took a lot of 
thought and effort to write, which as usual I lost due to forgetting how 
crappy Source Forge login and bug tracking software is.

I'm sure nobody really cares, but if there's some Geany 
bug/feature/patch posted there that anyone thinks I should look at, 
you'll have to forward me the details. I won't ever use SF.net again 
(actually blocked whole domain in my /etc/hosts), and won't be 
contributing anything to any project's bug trackers there.

In the meantime, Geany's Github bug tracker is active since a while 
(though not for Geany-Plugins), so I'll be sure to continue monitoring 
and contributing to that tracker, and of course the mailing lists.

Matthew Brush

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