[Geany-Devel] Linkage-Cleanup Build System Breakage

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Wed Oct 29 15:17:45 UTC 2014

Le 29/10/2014 06:48, Matthew Brush a écrit :
> On 14-10-26 04:16 PM, Enrico Tröger wrote:
>> […]
>> I don't use autotools based cross-compilation.
> I had a try at this for a while and after a number of changes it's
> almost working. I got past the build system, compiler, and linker
> problems, […]

FWIW I pushed the changes I did myself (hey ;) to
https://github.com/b4n/geany/commits/wip/autotools-mingw-cross just in
case it can be of some use.

Enrico: would the change on geany_private.rc from
break Waf or something else?  (yes, I could check by running a VM, but I
can also ask first :)

When we merge #356 we can probably drop libiberty altogether as the only
code we have that definitively depend on `fnmatch()` is in
`tm_file_entry.c` (which is unused, and removed by the PR).  BTW, if I'm
not mistaken our check for fnmatch are currently wrong on any platforms, as:

1) the check is not a strict requirement, yet I believe it is required
2) it never defines HAVE_FNMATCH yet it's what CTags' strlist checks for
(though it's not a strict requirement in CTags, it just make the test
useless there)

It'd be easy to fix however, but if we remove it in two dais it doesn't
matter much.


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