[Geany-Devel] Linkage-Cleanup Build System Breakage

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Sun Oct 26 17:25:30 UTC 2014

On 14-10-26 07:14 AM, Enrico Tröger wrote:
> Hi,
>> I don't really know enough about Waf to fix it. Since it needs Python
>> anyway, we could just use one of its XML libraries to grab the names
>> from the GtkBuilder file, and do the replacements using its
>> text-handling functions. It wouldn't require sed/sort utils. I
>> originally had a Python script[3] doing this, but I'm just not sure how
>> to integrate that code into Waf.
> I' work on the Waf part but this will take at least two weeks as I'm
> almost not on the PC during the next two weeks.


>> If the Win32 Nightlies break it will most likely be trivial changes to
>> the Makefile.ams. I don't have an environment like it uses to test.
> The Win32 nightlies are built using Waf, so fixing Waf will fix it all :).

I thought the nightlies were using Mingw because there's all those 
duplicate code paths in the Makefile.ams for Mingw. Who uses those?

>> Geany-Plugins Autotools should be fine since it will pickup the new
> I checked out codebrainz/wip/linkage-cleanup but got build errors with
> autotools:
> -----------snip-------------
> tm_source_file.c:31:60: fatal error: ../src/pluginexport.h: No such file
> or directory
>   #include "../src/pluginexport.h" /* for GEANY_API_SYMBOL */
>                                                              ^
> compilation terminated.
> Makefile:490: recipe for target 'tm_source_file.lo' failed
> -----------snap-------------
> src/pluginexport.h seems missing?

Oops, I had this file ignored locally for some reason. I squashed it 
into the correct commit and force pushed it. It should be OK now.

Matthew Brush

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