[Geany-Devel] RFC: Proxy plugins

Thomas Martitz kugel at xxxxx
Fri May 16 14:59:17 UTC 2014

Am 16.05.2014 11:16, schrieb Matthew Brush:

 > FWIW, I've been doing some experiments with libpeas as the loader in 
Geany (in my peas* branches on Github) and for the Python demo plugin 
(code not pushed to GH yet) I managed to get GObject-Introspection to 
scan Geany's source code/headers. Most of the work involved just 
"including what you use" and/or using defined names like `struct 
GeanyDocument` instead of `GeanyDocument` because the latter is defined 
off in some unrelated header. Once GI can grok one header at a time (ie. 
without pre-processing all the source together like C compiler does), it 
seems to pickup lots of the API (can't vouch for if or how well the 
bindings actually works yet).
 > Needs more experimentation/tweaking to be usable still though.

Very cool that you managed to get GI work (mostly). It'll help us 
regardless of libpeas, right?

I have a question regarding libpeas. There doesn't seem to be a public 
(nor documented) API to add loaders. From what I can see the current 
language support of libpeas is quite poor (only python and seed (that's 
JS isnt it?)). Also, they don't seem to very committed to maintaining 
their loaders[1].

I think we want to maintain the ability to add loaders on our own, 
without depending on a 3rd party project. Especially for potentially 
creating a compat-loader for our existing plugins. It doesn't seem 
libpeas readily supports this. Unless I'm missing something.


Best regards.

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